Billy Ferraris QIDP

We just moved to the area 3 months ago and was on a search for a Dentist around the area.

My brother at the time was in need of one immediately due to severe pain. We googled and landed across Diamond Bar dental. We are just very lucky to have gone to this place Seriously. I mean all dental clinics of course are all licensed, certified to provide care and needs with regards to Dental concerns. But what stood out most is the Genuine Care, outmost service and transparency.

Monica one of the dental assistants from the front assisted us and was just spectacular. She provided us with all the information and gave us our options with tranparency and no pressure. The smile alone when you come in the door will make you feel welcome. I think what separates this clinic from others is the services really. It just adds to comfortability and espcially for someone like me who is not fond of going to a dentist.

Even the Dental tech that aided me inside (im sorry i forgot your name; i will update this when i get your name on my follow up next week) who took my Xrays and was present during my dental work: she felt my stress and anxiety. Out pf her goodness she even offered her hand for me to hold if I was havng a hard time during the dental work. I am very thankful and would like to encourage everyone to at least give it a try. But i know for sure It is an establishment worth giving a shot and you can thank me later.

Now my brother, my spouse and the rest of the family go to the Clinic 🤗

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